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About Me

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Matthew Strawbridge

My name is Matthew Strawbridge, and I work from home in Ely, Cambridgeshire.

I am a software engineer by profession, and undertake software development projects. I am also available for editing and proofreading of (primarily) technical books and articles, as well as writing technical reports on current technologies. These three aspects of my work influence each other, hence the cog imagery on the home page.

I take my professional development very seriously, and am a member of ACCU and the IEEE Computer Society, an associate member of the Institute of Engineering and Technology and an associate of the Society for Editors and Proofreaders.

Philoxenic ?!

The site name was chosen to be distinctive, and to reflect the close co-operative approach I take to working with my clients.

philoxenia (fil-ox-en-ee'-ah) n. love to strangers, hospitality.

See my references to decide for yourself whether this approach has been successful.

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Latest News

Books published

I have had several books published – see the writing page.