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Copy Editing & Proofreading

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I am happy to undertake tasks of any size relating to the editing of works (books, articles, manuals, Web pages, and so on) relating to IT and Computer Science. I am an Associate Member of the SfEP, and an experienced software developer; thus I can correct problems with both style and content.

I am content to work with either British or US English texts, and can work in most electronic formats (including DocBook) and on hard copy.

Tools Available:

  • Microsoft® Office 2003 Pro (Word, Excel, Access and others)
  • Adobe InDesign CS
  • PDF creation software
  • Tablet PC with electronic ink
  • A3 colour laser printer
  • Fax (by arrangement)
  • Desktop Velobinder
  • British and US reference books (including Chicago Manual of Style and Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary for US work)

Please contact me to discuss the details for a specific project. My rates are broadly in line with the minimum hourly rates suggested by the SfEP.


I have undertaken a limited amount of indexing work, and am keen to do more. I am regularly disappointed by the poor quality of the indexes in the computing books I buy, and want to help lift the standard.


Although I am by no means a graphic designer, I do own and use Adobe InDesign CS and would be happy to supply a quote for any predominately text-based typesetting. I can supply printed proofs as A4 pages or A3 double-page spreads in colour or black and white.

Contact me to discuss your requirements for copy editing, proofreading, style checking, indexing or typesetting. As an editor, writer and software engineer, I offer technical skills and high editorial standards with an understanding of the process of writing.


Latest News

Books published

I have had several books published – see the writing page.