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Software Development Feedback

The following feedback was taken from the work I have done via the Rent A Coder site.


Rating 10/10

Matthew is simply amazing in his ability to do magic with javascript. I was looking for a standalone program because I had been told again and again was impossible to do "on the web". Matthew not only did the program, but suggested and added enhancements that made the program far beyond what I expected.

His work was timely, his communication superb, his documentation impeccable, and his implementation outstanding. I have several other projects that will develop because of this initial work. There is no question who I will choose to do it.

Very Highly Recommended!



Rating 10/10

The coder did many things he thought I would appreciate, but frankly, the one that I actually appreciated the most was that he took the time to read up on the background of the project without being prompted.


I am considering him for some larger projects, but at this point he has certainly demonstrated his ability to work with legacy code (including debugging and enhancing in ways that promote the immediate project goals) and do small-medium sized projects on schedule, on budget, with good responsiveness and communication.


You can see all of my feedback in my Rent A Coder profile.

Editorial Feedback

I am pleased with the excellent job you did on editing and typesetting.

Rating 5/5

Speedy well thought out indexing. Well done!

Matthew Strawbridge did an excellent job copyediting a book of complex technical material. Moreover, he did so using the typesetter's unique coding template. Both the author and publisher were very pleased with his work.

Rich Harrington, Textbook Writers Associates, Newton, Massachusetts, USA


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