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Technical Writing

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Freelance Projects

I am available for research and article writing on technical topics, either for publication or to give your company a competitive advantage – the more cutting-edge your topic, the better.

Please contact me with your requirements for a free quotation.


I have written a series of four books covering the units in the Advanced level of theEuropean Computer Driving Licence (ECDL). These are all published by Payne-Gallway Publishers Ltd:

I also wrote the Software Design and Development chapter (Unit 7) for BTEC First ICT Practitioners 2nd Edition, published by Heinemann Educational Publishers. See it at or Heinemann.

Netiquette: Internet etiquette in the age of the blog is the first book published by Software Reference Ltd. See it at or Software Reference.
Microsoft Office Word 2007 Essential Reference for Power Users is the most in-depth reference work there is for Word 2007. Also published by Software Reference Ltd.

Articles / White Papers

  • XML as a Model-View-Controller for Documents: an article published in the ACCU journal C Vu (Vol. 16, No. 4: August 2004), explaining how XSLT can be used to enable several target document types to be created from a single source.
  • A Stylesheet for Computing Texts: a document that condenses the advice given by number of reference works regarding the use of computing terms and general style issues in technical writing. Version 2, 13-Sep-2004.
  • Grammar Tips for Code Monkeys: a single A4 page that explains the five most important things you can do to improve your technical writing. Version 1, 1-Nov-2004.
  • An alternative index for the otherwise excellent book Bugs in Writing by Lyn Dupré. This three-page PDF file consolidates the book's categorized indexes into a single traditional monolithic alphabetical index, which may prove quicker for day-to-day querying. I highly recommend this book (even though it is primarily for U.S. English).

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Books published

I have had several books published – see the writing page.